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All Natural Kamut Challah Bread

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Kamut Challah Bread Stone Ground All Natural

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    What Makes our All Natural Kamut Challahs Unique?

        *Our Challahs are All Natural

        *Low in gluten

        *Easy to digest

        *Baked within 24 hours after stone grinding

        *Stone ground and high in nutrients

        *Sugar Free, Preservative Free, only the best ingredients! *

        *Kamut is an ancient grain- non hybridized *

        *Our Kamut is organically grown in the USA- Pesticide Free!


Our All Natural Stone Ground Kamut Challah Bread is made from the Ancient Kamut grain. Unlike modern wheat, Kamut hasn’t been altered by modern plant breeders; therefore, it remains naturally lower in gluten than modern wheat. The Kamut in our Challahs is grown on a small organic farm in the USA. Additionally, our grains are stone ground to preserve key enzymes and nutrients for maximum vitamin content and easier digestion. Until the 1800's, stone grinders were used to process grains. Traditional stone grinders slowly and gently grind the wheat kernels into flour, preserving the delicate molecular structure of the grain. We bake our Challahs within 24 hours after grinding to provide our clients with Challahs that are high in nutrients and enzymes! Our Kamut Challah will take you back in time with its classic nutty flavor and rich texture. Sweetened with organic honey. Sugar Free, Preservative Free! Only the best ingredients!

 Ingredients: Organic Stone Ground Kamut whole grain flour, organic eggs, organic honey, extra virgin olive oil, water, yeast

                                                                                                                Our Story:

 After my son suffered from severe allergic reactions to store bought Challah, we decided to look for an alternative to wheat Challahs. For a while we had no choice but to completely eliminate wheat from his diet. He had no reaction to tapioca or almond flour, and we used these flours for everyday baking. But, what is Shabbat without Challah? Then, we tried experimenting with homemade Spelt Challah. We started him on very small amounts-no reaction! Every Shabbat he increased the amount of Spelt Challah consumed, until he could actually eat 2 full slices with no negative reaction. Although he still doesn't eat spelt on a daily basis, it is wonderful to be able to see him eat bread again on Shabbat and once or twice during the week. (Results may vary- if you have allergies proceed with caution).

                                                                                     Why we use the Stone Grinding Process:

The traditional Stone Grinding Method, which has been used for thousands of years, preserves the vitamins and enzymes naturally present in the grain. The bran and germ, which contain the most nutrients in the entire kernel, are included in the flour. For easy digestion, stone grinding is the way to go. Why We Bake our Challahs Within 24 Hours After Grinding: After grinding, wheat loses most of its nutrients within just a few days. Most grain flour is stored on shelves for months on end. We bake our Challahs as quickly as possible want to deliver our Challahs with the highest level of nutrients and enzymes possible. Due to its high starch content, wheat, especially after it is ground into flour, attracts dangerous microscopic microbes, which could be a factor in candida overgrowth. The longer the wheat flour is stored, the greater the risk of microbial contamination. We minimize this risk by baking our Challahs as quickly as possible after grinding, within 24 hours guaranteed!

                                                                                                Why We Choose Organic Grains:

 Non-Organic wheat is heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Our organic Kamut is grown on an organic farm, free of pesticides and herbicides.

                                                                                        About Kamut:

Kamut is an ancient grain brought to the United States in 1949 from Egypt and has in recent years become increasingly popular. Kamut is high in protein containing 30 percent more protein than wheat. Due to its higher levels of fatty acids it can be considered a high energy grain. Compared to wheat, kamut also contains elevated levels of vitamin E, Riboflaven, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc and pantothenic acid. Since this grain hasn’t been altered by modern plant breeders, it retains its ancient nutritional benefits and lower gluten content. If you have never tried this amazing grain before, Kamut will be a new experience due to its great taste, nutty flavor, and high nutritional value.

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Jewish Expressions by Reuven Masel offers the best in Jewish Art. Discover our beautiful line of Home Blessings, Lawyer and Doctor Prints, Mezuzahs, and Menorahs at a great price.